Playgear by Otago Engineering News Feed Playgear by Otago Engineering New Fusion 25 Swing out our new <a href="/files/681/file/Swing-Fusion-25-pdf" data-object-ref="content/download:50">Fusion Swing 25</a>, we have combined a Frisbee Swing seat with a rubber base and 2 rubber belt seats. This new swing design has been really popular, kids are loving it!1622462400 Fusion 25 Swing Check out our Chimp Bars and Horizontal Spin Bars!<a href="/products-for-home" data-object-ref="scm_page_content:16">Chimp Bars and Horizontal Spin Bars</a> are designed to build kids confidence and develop upper body strength. Awesome for&nbsp;their motor skills and visual hand eye-co-ordination.&nbsp;&nbsp;A great addition to any backyard play area, Also see our Monkey bars, great fitness for the whole family!&nbsp;<br /> <br /> PLAYGEAR metal climbing bars are sturdy and built to last.1610708400 out our Chimp Bars and Horizontal Spin Bars! New sign writing on our truck!<p>Anybody else spending the holidays catching up on jobs they never get round to?!</p> <p>Thought we would give the old truck some love and give it some signage while it&rsquo;s finally got a break from being used . . . Won&rsquo;t miss us out on the road now!</p> <p>Happy New Year everybody!</p>1609498800 sign writing on our truck! Countdown to our last day of work has begun . . .<p>Looks like our guys escaped just in time to get some more work installed for you guys in our last week before Christmas!</p> <p>Thanks @escapedunedin for a bit of fun at the end of the year for our hard working team!</p> <p>Countdown to our last day of work has begun . . .</p>1608202800 to our last day of work has begun . . . Newly laid softfall matting!<p>Our guys have done a fantastic job installing some playground matting for one of our local Kindergartens recently! It has completely changed the space,&nbsp;not only to be safer for the kids but also looks amazing!</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>1604401200 laid softfall matting! Kids are enjoying their new Jungle Walk!<em>We have just installed some new playground equipment at Big Rock School in Brighton. The kids are having a great time trying out all the new items including&nbsp;the Jungle Walk, Whirl-i-gig and a new Wavy Slide. Perfect timing to be playing outdoors with summer coming on!</em>1603191600 are enjoying their new Jungle Walk! New playground for a Southland Rural Rugby Club! new Playground and Tri-Swing installed to keep the kids occupied while dad plays rugby at one of our Southland rural Rugby Clubs! We also discounted a Rocking Pony as a bonus to show our support and appreciation. Enjoy!1599480000 playground for a Southland Rural Rugby Club! Check out one of our latest playground installations! something a little different, check out the new Tree slides we have installed at a School in Dunedin.<br /> <br /> The challenge was design and install two fun slides and custom made platforms, built around the branches of the long established Ceda tree&nbsp;whilst at the same time preserving its integrity. After climbiing the tree, the kids are rewarded with a thrilling ride down the slides. The colour of the slides blend in beautifully with the surroundings, making it a perfect fit, in the forefront of the school grounds.1592395200 out one of our latest playground installations! The Print Rooms awesome initiative to keep a good thing going!<br /> <br /> We are excited to be a part of&nbsp;<a href=";eid=ARAjvBAZ-nCQb0P1ccw1dO7p_9IJgEJeR6OAvosASItzPjXQMxMrzrU5TP150krfK6qWo-xRoQTbkuQ9&amp;fref=mentions&amp;__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARDrSYbRCRwm1qqBEg29gzICNiKwidkeWV-mCzhMSk8nxQTnVjD70T3i6wlGTjas1jsGPolo-YIjQMfIOwq-UJsuLILgWVTPQbMKVhzNaXyu2ut0hp7qttg2Ru3EVu4HfCdyg4JTSX6v_yEEoQPtxTxjy-pwCxf-o-erglcN_NUlQNWviCD3asceetpzaTxinJF5eQBvQOOlFCQzCQkGfWs6K7v8FAviBVIWPvIUr-JfP9cIaRbMrNJjdXNQxJZzeKN-aWJScBm5GrYyoGVrcfhjWUraXi67KAecuobnjHhe4WR9EYPkmvYOTIQt-kZU4-M">The Print Room</a>s awesome initiative to keep a good thing going! Check out the merchandise we have created, design by&nbsp;<a href=";eid=ARC7bKS1TVi0LBaGxeUfY7Bygoer4e21tj2tLPm8CFPLCeV2J5mC7NZrowHv_G-IycLI2u1RSxOb7Fnj&amp;fref=mentions&amp;__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARDrSYbRCRwm1qqBEg29gzICNiKwidkeWV-mCzhMSk8nxQTnVjD70T3i6wlGTjas1jsGPolo-YIjQMfIOwq-UJsuLILgWVTPQbMKVhzNaXyu2ut0hp7qttg2Ru3EVu4HfCdyg4JTSX6v_yEEoQPtxTxjy-pwCxf-o-erglcN_NUlQNWviCD3asceetpzaTxinJF5eQBvQOOlFCQzCQkGfWs6K7v8FAviBVIWPvIUr-JfP9cIaRbMrNJjdXNQxJZzeKN-aWJScBm5GrYyoGVrcfhjWUraXi67KAecuobnjHhe4WR9EYPkmvYOTIQt-kZU4-M">LC Design</a>, we would love it if you would head onto their website&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank"></a>&nbsp;and support us in purchasing one of these awesome T-Shirt or Caps!<br /> <br /> <br /> Checkout the link below:<br /> <a href="" target="_blank"></a><br /> &nbsp;1588766400 Print Rooms awesome initiative to keep a good thing going!