Busy start to the New Year - 25th Feb 2015

It has been a busy start to the New Year for Playgear™ by A.J Grant with playground refurbishments in a number of Kindergartens, Schools and Councils around the New Zealand.

Our services include relocating, refurbishing and/or maintaining an existing playground. We find these services useful with schools merging or other childhood educational facilities re arrranging equipment to suit their requirements.

One particular job which was completed, was a new playground in a school in South Canterbury, using some existing activities as well as adding some new exciting equipment from our Playgear™ by A.J Grant range. Because of the drought, one of the biggest problems we had was auguring the holes for the playground posts into the bone dry ground, necessity is the mother of invention!

The Summer holidays is a great time for us to work in Schools while the students are away and it also makes it an exciting time for the children to come back and start the new year to a completed, fun filled playground.

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