A Magnificent Fibreglass Tunnel Slide, custom made specifically for a Local Dunedin School.

This Playgear™ Fibreglass Tunnel Slide was manufactured to suit a playground area at local Dunedin School and took months to design and create.

Once the gradient and the lay of the land was established, the slide was carefully designed to suit the site. It was built in individual pieces and then assembled in the workshop creating a magnificent Tunnel Slide.

Our Fibreglass Tunnel Slides are designed and built with safety in mind. Constructed from resin bonded fibreglass, our fibreglass slides have galvanised fixed brackets at the top and bottom, moulded into the slide. The benefits of a fibreglass slide is its versatility, durability and considerable life expectancy because of its non-corrosive properties. Fibreglass withstands our harsh environment and is resistance to salty water and most chemicals. It has an ultra violet light inhibitor in it, its antistatic as well as having a fire retardant in the fibreglass.

The sliding chute on this slide is continuous, there are no joins or screws on the part you are sliding on, the fixing brackets are moulded into the underbody of the slide.

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