Playgear™ by A.J Grant Sand and Water Play - 25th Aug 2016

Sand and Water play is a great way for kids to explore their creative side and have fun moulding, shaping, digging and just having good old fashioned fun. Playing with sand creates good skills for social interaction and learning to play along side others.

Playgear™ by A.J Grant have a range of products which revolve around sand. One of our latest designs is our Sand Pulley Sytem and our stainless steel Sand Hopper which can be incorporated in an adventure playground, as seen in the photo, or just freestanding. Kids can have hours of fun, moving the sand from place to place, pouring it through the Sand Hopper and using the pulley system to raise the sand in the bucket up to the platform or down to the sandpit below.

Our other products include a portable playing pool which is the perfect place to have mucky time play. These portable playing pools are made from fibreglass and are suitable for either sand, water or anything messy. The Playgear™ Portable Playing pool is ideal for indoor or outdoor use at any time of the year. A drain plug is fitted to make the clean up easier. Playgear™ by A.J Grant also build shade structures that allow for shade over the sand area during the heat of the day so the kids can play and be protected from the sun! Playgear™ by A.J Grant make custom made sandpit covers to keep your sandpit clean and to deter animals when the sandpit is not in use.

We would be happy to help you with ideas and we can supply you with a quotation. 


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