Install a 50m long Flying Fox by A.J Grant - 27th Jul 2017

Children of all ages enjoy the fun of a PLAYGEAR™ Flying Fox Children of all ages enjoy the fun of a Flying Fox. It's great to see kids so excited when they are lining up for a turn. The feeling of excitement as you step off the platform to glide down the cable on a pommel seat with the wind flowing through your hair.

PLAYGEAR™ by A.J Grant can custom make and install this stand alone flying fox anywhere from 30m to 60 metres in length and to suit your requirements and the gradient of the land. Our sales representative would be happy to discuss options specifically for your site, offer advise and supply you with a written quotation.

Our Flying Foxes are designed to the code of practice for New Zealand Flying Foxes.

Education Editorial in the Star Community Paper. - 6th Jun 2017

Playgear™ by A.J Grant recently featured in an Education Editorial in the Star Community Paper.
The photo shown is of a playground recently installed in a Pre School in South Dunedin, which was a welcoming addition to their existing playground. A new Tandem Slide, Early Childhood Safety Steps, Wall Climb, Vechicle Panel and a Shaky Bridge are amongst the new  Playgear™acitivities manufactured and installed by A.J Grant.


Slides - 30th Mar 2017

Slides can be one of the busiest pieces of equipment in a playground and not only are children having fun but they are inspired to be active.

PLAYGEAR™ commercial grade slides are seen in many school, council and community playgrounds around New Zealand. PLAYGEAR™ have an extensive range of slides to fit an array of platform heights ranging from simple straight slides through to wavy, spiral, curved and tunnel slides. We sell Plastic, Fibreglass and custom made Stainless slides. Some of our slides are still currently in use in playgrounds after 20 years.


PLAYGEAR™ Rocking Tyres are a Popular piece of equipment in the playground - 7th Mar 2017

Rocking Tyres are a Popular piece of equipment in the playground. PLAYGEAR™ Rocking Tyres by A.J Grant are a very popular piece of equipment in the playground enabling a group of children to interact and have fun all at the same time. The Rocking Tyres are suitable for children aged 5 through to 14 years old. 


Latest PLAYGEAR™ products for 2017 - 22nd Dec 2016

PLAYGEAR™ Custom made Long curved Fibreglass Slide Take a look at some of our New Products for 2017.

We have recently designed and installed 2 long curvey slides. One made from Fibreglass and constructed in two parts and one made from plastic using connecting sections. Design work was essential with both of these custom made slides so the gradient was correct for an exhilarating ride .

The PLAYGEAR™ Flying Fox has been a popular piece of equipment. A thrilling ride yet also a feeling of security knowing the equipment is made from high quality componetry.             Contact us today and see if a  PLAYGEAR™ Flying Fox is suitable for your area.

Check out our other equipment in our new brochure.

A very Merry Christmas from the team at A.J GRANT - 14th Dec 2016

A very Merry Christmas from the team at A.J GRANT The team at A.J Grant would like to thank you for your business throughout the year and take the time to wish you, and your family, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We look forward to working with you again soon.

Our Office will be closed from the 23rd of December 2016 and re opening on the 16th of January 2017.

From the Team at A.J Grant


PLAYGEAR by A.J Grant are proud supporters of Abbotsford Kindergarten - 17th Nov 2016

Thank you A.J Grant for supporting Abbotsford Kindergarten Abbotsford Kindergarten have recently printed fabulous new tee shirts and PLAYGEAR by A.J Grant are proud to have helped sponsor this project. Dont they look great?

Playgear™ by A.J Grant Sand and Water Play - 25th Aug 2016

Sand and Water play is a great way for kids to explore their creative side and have fun moulding, shaping, digging and just having good old fashioned fun. Playing with sand creates good skills for social interaction and learning to play along side others.

Playgear™ by A.J Grant have a range of products which revolve around sand. One of our latest designs is our Sand Pulley Sytem and our stainless steel Sand Hopper which can be incorporated in an adventure playground, as seen in the photo, or just freestanding. Kids can have hours of fun, moving the sand from place to place, pouring it through the Sand Hopper and using the pulley system to raise the sand in the bucket up to the platform or down to the sandpit below.

Our other products include a portable playing pool which is the perfect place to have mucky time play. These portable playing pools are made from fibreglass and are suitable for either sand, water or anything messy. The Playgear™ Portable Playing pool is ideal for indoor or outdoor use at any time of the year. A drain plug is fitted to make the clean up easier. Playgear™ by A.J Grant also build shade structures that allow for shade over the sand area during the heat of the day so the kids can play and be protected from the sun! Playgear™ by A.J Grant make custom made sandpit covers to keep your sandpit clean and to deter animals when the sandpit is not in use.

We would be happy to help you with ideas and we can supply you with a quotation. 


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