Latest PLAYGEAR™ products for 2017 - 22nd Dec 2016

PLAYGEAR™ Custom made Long curved Fibreglass Slide Take a look at some of our New Products for 2017.

We have recently designed and installed 2 long curvey slides. One made from Fibreglass and constructed in two parts and one made from plastic using connecting sections. Design work was essential with both of these custom made slides so the gradient was correct for an exhilarating ride .

The PLAYGEAR™ Flying Fox has been a popular piece of equipment. A thrilling ride yet also a feeling of security knowing the equipment is made from high quality componetry.             Contact us today and see if a  PLAYGEAR™ Flying Fox is suitable for your area.

Check out our other equipment in our new brochure.

A very Merry Christmas from the team at A.J GRANT - 14th Dec 2016

A very Merry Christmas from the team at A.J GRANT The team at A.J Grant would like to thank you for your business throughout the year and take the time to wish you, and your family, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We look forward to working with you again soon.

Our Office will be closed from the 23rd of December 2016 and re opening on the 16th of January 2017.

From the Team at A.J Grant


PLAYGEAR by A.J Grant are proud supporters of Abbotsford Kindergarten - 17th Nov 2016

Thank you A.J Grant for supporting Abbotsford Kindergarten Abbotsford Kindergarten have recently printed fabulous new tee shirts and PLAYGEAR by A.J Grant are proud to have helped sponsor this project. Dont they look great?

Playgear™ by A.J Grant Sand and Water Play - 25th Aug 2016

Sand and Water play is a great way for kids to explore their creative side and have fun moulding, shaping, digging and just having good old fashioned fun. Playing with sand creates good skills for social interaction and learning to play along side others.

Playgear™ by A.J Grant have a range of products which revolve around sand. One of our latest designs is our Sand Pulley Sytem and our stainless steel Sand Hopper which can be incorporated in an adventure playground, as seen in the photo, or just freestanding. Kids can have hours of fun, moving the sand from place to place, pouring it through the Sand Hopper and using the pulley system to raise the sand in the bucket up to the platform or down to the sandpit below.

Our other products include a portable playing pool which is the perfect place to have mucky time play. These portable playing pools are made from fibreglass and are suitable for either sand, water or anything messy. The Playgear™ Portable Playing pool is ideal for indoor or outdoor use at any time of the year. A drain plug is fitted to make the clean up easier. Playgear™ by A.J Grant also build shade structures that allow for shade over the sand area during the heat of the day so the kids can play and be protected from the sun! Playgear™ by A.J Grant make custom made sandpit covers to keep your sandpit clean and to deter animals when the sandpit is not in use.

We would be happy to help you with ideas and we can supply you with a quotation. 


The Keep it Local Competition June 2016 Draw - 13th Apr 2016

The Star Make a purchase at A.J Grant and enter for "The keep it Local Competition, June 2016 Draw"
and be in to win a $1000 of Lucky Local prizes.

Fill in an entry form and attach an original or copy of your reciept. Enter as many times as you want as long as each receipt is accompanied by an entry form. Multiple entries allowed in a single envelope! Click here to download your entry form.

SEND YOUR ENTRY TO: Keep it Local Competition, P.O box 517, Dunedin

DROP IT IN TO:               Otago Daily Times, 52 Stuart Street

Post or drop in your entry for the June 2016 draw before 4.30pm on Thursday 19 May, 2016.


A Magnificent Long Fibreglass Tunnel Slide, custom made specifically for a Local Dunedin School. - 17th Mar 2016

One of our latest installations is a PLAYGEAR™ Long, Fibreglass, Tunnel Slide which was manufactured to suit a sloping playground area at a local Dunedin School and took months to design and create. It was built in individual pieces, assembled in our workshop and then installed into the School Playground. The sliding chute on this slide is continuous, there are no joins, bolts or screws on the part you are sliding on, the fixing brackets are molded into the underbody of the slide.

The benefits of a fibreglass slide are its versatility, durability and considerable life expectancy because of the non-corrosive properties. Fibreglass withstands our harsh environment and is resistant to salt water and most chemicals. It has an ultra violet light inhibitor; is antistatic and has a fire retardant in the fibreglass.

Enquire today for a quotation.


New "Epic Fitness Challenge", designed, manufactured and assembled by Playgear™ by A.J Grant - 18th Feb 2016

The Epic Fitness Challenge  designed, manufactured and assembled by Playgear™ by A.J Grant. Playgear™ by A.J Grant was chosen by a new College in Christchurch, to design, manufacture and assemble a new Playground, full of challenges for their Intermediate section of the School.The manufacturing base  for Playgear™ by A.J Grant is situated in the South Island and our company designs and manufactures play equipment to the highest standard, adhering to the New Zealand Playground Standards.

Playgear™ by A.J Grant, have built a number of Playgrounds in the Canterbury region (some near the epi-centres of the major earthquakes) and have all stood up very well. Our designs are known for their robustness and longevity. The "Epic Fitness Challenge" designed and built for the new College is a perfect example of the quality of Play Equipment, produced by A.J Grant.

The Playgear™ by A.J Grant, Team are privileged to be part of a Canterbury rebuild project.

Horizontal Bars - a great Christmas present for children keen on Gymnastics - 10th Nov 2015

Double Horizontal Bars are an ideal Christmas present for active kids who love to burn off energy and enjoy hanging or twirling around on bars. Children will have hours of fun perfecting their skills while building upper body strength and developing and toning muscles used for gymnastics. Irongear by A.J. Grant manufacture the horizontal bars from galvanised steel and while they can be purchased as is they can also be powdercoated to the colour of your choice. These units can be fixed in concrete or anchored to the ground with long steel pins.

Call us today and place your order for Christmas.

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